By Jorge Castillo

Arita Shahrzad’s paintings are a play of light and shadow. Forms perceived by her eyes are transported to her secret depth by the spirit that allows an artist to distill primary perceptions and transform them to an individual truth.
Arita’s connection with reality resembles birds’ relationship with air. Her comprehension is universal – she does not stop at details and incidentals; thus she never compromises her expression or abstracting the world of light.
Leonardo da Vinci warned the painter, “The painter must be universal, a lover of unity; he must appreciate what he sees and select the best; he must become a mirror- it reflects as many colors as is placed before it, thus it appears as a second nature.
That is precisely what Arita Shahrzad does: when she observes the world, when she ponders what she sees, when she finally paints; being herself part of nature, possessing a pure and sincere eye, Leonardo’s second nature appears in her paintings.
The mystery of the universal is the secret of what is magical – it is not for us to seek it, but for it to visit us.
We can never pass a final verdict on the work of a real artist, the poetry will never cease to flow. I believe Arita Shahrzad will always flow, between shadow and light, from the valleys to the mountains of her landscapes, between the humidity of her colors that outline her private world, as well as ours.

For catalogue of exhibition at Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo.